Kenneth W. Demers

demersKenneth W. Demers, Administrative Partner of 6 Lakes Legal, graduated from Detroit College of Law on January 28, 1996.  After joining Genesis Title Company as house counsel, Kenneth W. Demers and Ronald R. Dixon began the Law Firm of Demers & Dixon, P.C.  Considering himself a Detroiter at heart, Mr. Demers first joined the legal team which brought Comerica Park and Ford Field to town. Kenneth Demers led the effort to reverse tax foreclosurers in the City of Detroit by defending countless property owners from private investors desiring to acquire tax delinquent properties for pennies on the dollar. His immaculate record of success was only ended when the law permitting private sales to unscrupulous investors was abolished in 1999.  His unblemished record of defending homeowners continues to this day by his involvement in cutting mortgages down to size using bankruptcy laws to strip subordinate Mortgages and Equity Lines of Credit from residence when the value drops below the principal balance of the first mortgage.  Kenneth Demers knowledge in the areas of Bankrutpcy, Personal Reorganization and Liquidation, Truth in Lending and Real Estate Settlement Practices Act allows homeowners acting quickly to hold unscrupulous lenders accountable who engage in unfair lending tactics.  With a knowledgeable staff of trained professionals, persons with financial difficulty are able to find themselves on solid ground once again.

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